Town Resolutions

State of Wisconsin | Town of Namakagon | Bayfield County

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A. Resolution 2011 – 1
B. Budget Resolution 2 – 2010
C. Budget Resolution 1 – 2010
D. Resolution 2011 – 2

E. Resolution 3-2018 Snake Trail decommission opposition 2018

F.  Resolution 4-2018 Signers on Checks

G. Resolution 5-2018 Amend Budget

H. Resolution No. 3-2019  Approve an Amendment and Update to the Town of Namakagon Comprehensive Plan

I.  Resolution No. 4-2019  Adopting Public Participation Procedures for Amending the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Namakagon

J. Resolution 2020-01 Amending the 2019 Budget Adopted by the Town Board

K. Resolution 2020-02 To Authorize Signature on Fire Department Checks

L. Resolution 2020 03 Emergency Declaration Related to COVID-19

M. Resolution 2020 4 Elector approval to purchase land

N. Resolution 2020 5 Town Board approval to purchase land

0. Resolution 2020 6 Propose Exceeding Levy Limits

P. Resolution 2020-07 Electors to Exceed the Levy Limit

Q. Resolution 2020-08 Electors to Adopt the Town Tax Levy

R. Resolution 2020-09 2021 County Library Levy Exemption

S. Resolution 2020-10 Establishing Refund Policy for Overpayment of Taxes

T. Resolution 2021-01 Amending the 2020 Budget

U. Resolution 2021-02 Authorizing the Destruction of Buildings

V. Resolution 2021 03 Authorizing Disposal of Town Property

W. Resolution 2021 04 Propose Exceeding Levy Limits

X. Resolution 2021 05 Electors to Exceed the Levy Limit

Y. Resolution 2021 06 Electors to Adopt the Town Tax Levy

Z. Resolution 2021 07 2022 County Library Levy Exemption

Resolution 2022 01 Amending the 2021 Budget


Resolutions are noted in the monthly Town Board minutes at: