Town Resolutions

State of Wisconsin | Town of Namakagon | Bayfield County

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A. Resolution 2011 – 1
B. Budget Resolution 2 – 2010
C. Budget Resolution 1 – 2010
D. Resolution 2011 – 2

E. Resolution 3-2018 Snake Trail decommission opposition 2018

F.  Resolution 4-2018 Signers on Checks

G. Resolution 5-2018 Amend Budget

H. Resolution No. 3-2019  Approve an Amendment and Update to the Town of Namakagon Comprehensive Plan

I.  Resolution No. 4-2019  Adopting Public Participation Procedures for Amending the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Namakagon

J. Resolution 2020 03 Emergency Declaration Related to COVID-19

K. Resolution 2020-02 To Authorize Signature on Fire Department Checks


M. Resolution 2020 4 Elector approval to purchase land

N. Resolution 2020 5 Town Board approval to purchase land

0. Resolution 2020 6 Propose Exceeding Levy Limits



Resolutions are noted in the monthly Town Board minutes at: